Aghadoe, Killeagh, Co. Cork.


Not on Aghadoe Castle itself but rehoused on a dovecote at the farmhouse listed below. Print out instructions and map before you travel as local information is scarce.

This can be a pleasant location, particularly if the Sun comes out while you are there. As this sheela is surrounded by ivy, some gardening skills will be necessary to access the image, however it is made even more difficult by being above head height. Yet another unusual sheela in that it possesses some unique features.

This sheela has quite a pleasant face with unequal ears, lines on arms and legs and a full set of ribs decorated by four small breasts. The right arm passes behind the right leg to hold open a generous vulva.
And still we haven’t got to the unique features, which you will have to look for, carefully.
There are nodules on the outside of both wrists and the raised left arm is holding a comb-like? object which unfortunately I cannot identify.


Last modified 12 February 2018
Condition Good
Lat/Long 51.9536133,-7.9993558



O.S. Map No. 81

Grid Reference No. X 001/760

Holiday Map South

Killeagh is about 10k West of Youghal
This can be a bit tricky so some extra instructions for you.
Go North of Killeagh along the L3806 past The Thatch pub, after 1mile take a left turn, then straight on to a sharp turn right and immediately turn up the farm track on your left. If you go as far as the red brick bungalow you've gone too far.
You are now on an open farm track which will take you to a large vacant farmhouse, go on for another 10 metres untill you see a track on your right leading around the building to a dovecote after another 10 metres and 2m up you will be rewarded with this very unusual sheela.
A small ladder and gardening equipment might be useful here.