Ardcath, Co. Meath


Or Balgeeth as it is sometimes known is the home of this easily accessible sheela, which is now inserted into the driveway wall after it was found when a lorry knocked down their gate pier, to reveal this good quality sheela.

If you subscribe to the fertility function of these images you will be pleased to know that the owners wife produced triplets recently despite there being no history in either of the families and this fuelled an interest in touching the stone.

Last modified 24 November 2015
Condition Good
Lat/Long 53.6043243,-6.4125652



A difficult location to find but if you follow the map or your GPS you should have no problem. Local knowledge is good on this one.

O.S. Map No. 43

Grid Reference No. O 051/627

Holiday Map East (not shown)

NOTE….good map is essential here as you are in an area of very minor roads.
Duleek village is about 17k East of Navan and Ardcath is about 5k South from there.
From Ardcath village travel West past an old churchyard, through the next crossroads and it’s the second farm on the right. Distance approx. 1km and the figure is on the right-hand wall as you enter the courtyard of the Corry farm.