Ballinderry Castle, Co. Galway

Complicated figure on this 16th century castle which is being restored. Figure is on a keystone above the main door and features a triskele, marigold, bird and rosette.

The sheela also seems to have plaited hair and a flow? between the legs. It’s also been suggested that this stone was originally painted.

You can see this tower from the Athenry Road but just as you get close you enter a forested section and you lose sight but a sign for a stables will guide you to the castle.

Last modified 30 November 2016
Condition Good
Lat/Long 53.4616852,-8.8309479



O.S. Map No. 46

Grid Reference No. M 445/462

Holiday Map West (not marked)

6k south of Tuam on the Athenry road