Behy Castle, Co. Sligo


There is just enough space to park at the house on this very dangerous road. A walk up the farm track will bring you to some turf sheds on  the left, where you will find this red painted sheela. The new owners of this land would like you to phone 0876769762 to get permission for your visit. Sounds reasonable enough. Thanks.

This sheela is distinctive from all others by being painted  and has always been that way, according to the owner. When I last visited, there was an offering tucked into the wall, showing that veneration still takes place.
She probably came from the castle to the rear, which is due to fall down  any day now. The sheela was originally erected on the outside wall of the sheds on your left, but as an additional room was added, it is now inside a turf shed. Apart from the colour and the punch dressing marks on the stone, it is a fairly standard sheela and in good condition.

Last modified 4 September 2018
Condition Good
Lat/Long 54.1222839,-8.4317427



O.S. Map No. 25

Grid Reference No. M 719/220

Holiday Map West (not shown)

On the Sligo to Boyle road and 1.5k S of Drumfin.
Watch out for the castle on the east side of the road.

It is difficult to park at the side of this busy road but pull in at the cottages on the North-East side of the road and walk up the farm track to some outhouses where in the first open shed on your left you will find it.