Caherelly Castle, Co. Limerick.


Is south of Limerick City but nothing remains of this now and the sheela, which was found during road works nearby was moved to the Hunt Museum in Limerick City.

Unusually plump headless sheela with large breasts, navel and a cavernous vulva with clit. If you were to apply the usual criteria for sheela identification, this would fall down on many points with the exception for  instinct which tells you it is the real thing.

Admission charge but well worth it for the collection of rare and unusual finds.


Last modified 8 October 2015
Condition Good
Lat/Long 52.5492210,-8.4975815



For Caherelly
O.S. Map No. 65

Grid Reference No. R 66/44

Holiday Map South (not shown)

Sheela is in the Hunt Museum, Limerick City.