Clare Island

Clare Island Abbey, Co. Mayo.


A reference for a sheela on Clare Island comes from this letter. “I have been involved in film making in Ireland and around the world and always had a fascination for Sheelas, my mothers name being Sheila. We filmed on Clare Island in the mid 1980’s and found and used a Sheela,which was on the gable end of the church, in Bob Quinn’s “Budawanny” translates to “The Monk’s Penis”, an erect rock off the Island coast. The film was later retitled “The Bishop’s Story” when Bishop Eamon Casey and Annie Murphy were exposed and further filming took place.

I also did a film called “Rawhead Rex” a fictitious plot, where the art department fashioned a model from plaster, which was a fundamental part of the plot.”
Best wishes
Martin O’Malley.
I have recently been informed by Martin that this sheela was a mock-up and therefore not genuine.

Last modified 20 January 2016
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