Cloghan Castle, Roscommon

Cloghan Castle, Co. Roscommon.


High up on the side of castle and on a s/east quoinstone is this sheela with her tongue sticking out at you. She also has a cap or hairpiece on her head and is very finely carved.
The ladies who own the castle are very helpful and are very knowledgeable about local history.

Looking at a photo recently I had a few observations to make, namely, is it a male or female because it seems to have both a vulva and a penis and also questioning the tongue versus a pointy beard. This is a problem that is not going to be solved quickly.




Last modified 26 January 2018
Condition Good
Lat/Long 53.5074730,-8.2352171



O.S. Map No. 40

Grid Reference No. M 844/508

Holiday Map West (not shown)

13k S of Roscommon and 18k N of Ballinasloe