Cloghan, Offaly

Cloghan Castle, Co. Offaly
A figure was reported as originating from the castle at Lusmagh, on the river Brosna a short way south of Banagher. This was according to information given by a Mr Cooke, who in 1906 stated that he had in his possession an image called The Witch by the peasantry, that was caved out of limestone.  It was supposed that the figure represented an hermaphrodite, one of the breasts being like the Sun and the other a crescent like the Moon. It was said to be preserved in a museum in the South of Ireland but there is no record of its existence.


On the  outside you can see the various repairs being carried out on this otherwise intact castle. But, the inside has received the full treatment and is open during Summer to tourists. But unfortunately, not today. So I had to leave without meeting the owner.
A smallish castle with a bawn wall and walled garden with the river at the bottom.

Last modified 8 October 2015
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Lat/Long 53.1581459,-8.0417185



O.S. Map No. 53

Grid Reference No. M 973/119

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Lusmagh…is 1K SW of Banagher, which is NW of Birr