Clomantagh Castle, Co. Kilkenny.


Also known as Croomantagh, Clomanto and Cloghmantagh.
Figure is now difficult to see due to a large tree growing in front of this 15th century Towerhouse, so a visit during winter is best when there are no leaves.
A very stylized sheela with limbs running out of it’s frame, a single plait looking object over it’s left shoulder, ribs, breasts and a heartlike object in it’s centre. A single finger pointing to her vulva and clitoris.
This Castle is available to rent, so if you behave yourself you should have no problem with access.

Last modified 7 October 2015
Condition Good
Lat/Long 52.7250443,-7.4851475



O.S. Map No. 60

Grid Reference No. S 348/638

Holiday Map East

On the Kilkenny to Urlingford road