Cooliagh More

Coolaghmore, Co. Kilkenny.


Found in the bog during renovations and housed in Kyle Church for a while until it was moved to Kilkenny.

Now in the care of Rothe House, Parliament Street, Kilkenny where it  is on display in the shop.

Last modified 8 October 2015
Condition Good
Lat/Long 52.5041542,-7.3761177



O.S. Map No. 67

Grid Reference No. S 42/39

Holiday Map East

13k South of Kilkenny is the origin of this stone (Cooliagh Church) and Kells Priory nearby, is an enormous site, giving you a good idea of monastic life in the Middle Ages. A suggestion of a second figure on the South wall of St. Kieran’s Church, Kells is to be investigated but ivy and plaster make it difficult at the moment.