Derrynaflan Church, Co. Tipperary.


Is most famous for being the place where the Derrynaflan Chalice was discovered a few years ago by metal-detectorists and the row that ensued.

Also known as the burial place of the Goban Saor.

Figure on a gravestone 100m SSW from this Church rumoured to be a sheela.
Visited this area to check it out and was told to avoid the southern approach as it has some dangers.

Once again the weather almost caused us to postpone this visit but as we got closer to the site we were rewarded with good warm sunshine. With some local directions we were able to find the right track, to lead us to the 13th century church on the hill.
Turning SSW from there, walk 100 metres to a pink fence, where you will find a group of stones, the largest of which is the one we are interested in.
At the top of the stone is a skull and at the bottom, seems to be 2 large testicles. In the centre a small face appeared, followed by a small body, a vulva and 2 upturned legs. Encouraged by this, we searched the surface for more clues and as the full picture emerged, the sheela turned out to be a sword handle and that head and feet matched a fully clothed Norman lord. The 2 other stones are of a similar pattern.
So the lesson is…?

Last modified 8 October 2015
Condition Poor
Lat/Long 52.5972900,-7.7362061



O.S. Map No. 66

Grid Reference No. S182/495

Holiday Map East (not shown)

Turn off at the Horse and Jockey and after 50m take the left fork in the road. Drive on for 2k until you come to a narrow track turning back to the right. A sign for No Dumping on a tree is the turn you want.(S 174/507) It is possible to drive down this track but do drive slowly. Drive a far as you can and cross the fields to the church.
PS it can be muddy and wet here, it was an island after all.