Dillon Castle

Dillon Castle, Moymet, Co. Meath.


Using what clues we had available, I set off for this location and, after getting a few negative replies, I was advised to talk to the owner, (and by chance the local historian) Mr. Sean Fay who was only too pleased to talk about his castles.
Showing me the location of this very worn image, I was informed that it had two vulvas but as the light was failing, it wasn’t possible to see this. You can just make out some facial features, the arms hanging down and the legs, whether pulled up or shortened are not in the classic position. The vulva is better defined but would need closer inspection.
No folklore is present locally about this figure but it’s presence is well known and has been visited by various learned people, myself included, in the last 10 years.

Finally took my own advice and got there before Noon on a bright sunny day. It was well worth it as the features were much more prominent than on my last visit. Sadly the features displayed did not conform to the traditional sheela image and I would have to give it Nul Points.
Anyway, what you can see are the two vaginas that are reported locally but these too are no more than lumps missing out of the area between the upright legs. And these give the impression of a seated figure with the hands joined in the lap but with no attempt at being exhibitionist, in fact it does not even look female.
The head jutting forward is very weathered and it is difficult to make out the remaining features.

Last modified 8 October 2015
Condition Poor
Lat/Long 53.5866051,-6.8250847



O.S. Map No. 42

Grid Reference No. N 777/602

Holiday Map East….shown as Moymet

4 Kilometres NNW of Trim you will find this collection of Church, Castle and Gatehouse in a large field. On the most south/easterly of the ruins and placed 7m up on the East wall you will find the thing just to the lower right of the large opening in the wall…see photo.