Dowth Church, Co. Meath


A sign for the John Boyle O’Reilly Memorial is all that indicates the location of the Castle and church. The South wall was covered in ivy but has been cleaned-up. Well done locals!

Found the elusive sheela after 50 years, it is behind the O’Reilly monument (erect.1903) and behind the figure with sword and dog but very badly worn and damaged. I wouldn’t recognize it but for the sketch below which I brought with me and proved invaluable as the damage is very severe.

Last modified 8 October 2015
Condition Poor
Lat/Long 53.7034836,-6.4474716



O.S. Map No. 43

Grid Reference No. O 026/737

Holiday Map East

8k WNW of Drogheda
Google Maps Street View makes this location a little bit easier to find.
A sign at a big house for the OReilly Memorial is useful. The large Hotel size house has had many re-incarnations but I do not know what it is at the moment.
You can drive up to the church, park and you'll find the sheela as above.