On my website I reported a rumour that a sheela had been sold in Dublin 3 years ago. After a bit of a search I found that a horse called sheela-na-gig had been sold about that time. Case solved.

However, a recent search produced the answers that I should have got in the first place and I am happy to introduce you to the Dublin Sheela, a temporary name until I get some more details back from the owners.

This sheela was sold in the Adam Salesroom on 28 May 2003 for E10000 approx. and unusually for an Irish sheela is a corbel. Comparing all the missing sheelas does not give any clue as to it’s previous location.

We have been very fortunate that the auctioneer took an excellent photo for us to enjoy, so please do so as it’s all the information supplied to us.



Last modified 8 October 2015
Condition Missing
Lat/Long 53.3401413,-6.2549586



Whereabouts unknown