Dunnaman Castle, Co. Limerick.


Not difficult to find if you use the Discovery Map, but as with all journeys in Ireland, signposts are only there to confuse the tourists.
Drive into this working dairy farmyard and immediately you will see the framed sheela on the tower wall, about 6m high.
Toes of both feet overlap the frame, similar to the Clomantagh sheela, as is that vulva shaped object beneath the original.
The lack of contrast from the limestone makes this a difficult one to photo. A good shower of rain might help here but where would you get one in Ireland.

Visited this site today and found locating this site a little bit different from the last time, make sure you use the most recent Discovery map. The object beneath the vulva did not have the shape of an additional vulva by any means, but I think it would represent a menstrual or other flow. Other items noticed were frown, ribs, teeth, breasts with nipples, 1 ear, nostrils, arms slightly damaged.

East facing and 10mt high.


Last modified 8 October 2015
Condition Good
Lat/Long 52.5285492,-8.7784233



O.S. Map No. 65

Grid Reference No. R 473/422

Holiday Map South

4k S of Adare and 4k W of Croom