Emlagh More

Emlaghmore, Co. Roscommon.


Colm Mee is the owner of this stone and you can find him at Tempe House. On the day I called, after much searching of the area, I enquired about a sheela in a tired voice and he said sure, it’s just out the back. Relief all round!!
As you can tell from the photo it’s a little indistinct. If you fancy jigsaw puzzles, just 20m away are two cross uprights at Emlagh monastic site, see if you can find the match.

This is also an area where the Knight’s Templar had farms and monasteries etc.


Last modified 8 October 2015
Condition Fair
Lat/Long 53.6560631,-8.3009901



O.S. Map No. 40

Grid Reference No. M 803/672

Holiday Map West (not shown)

8k WNW Roscommon