Kilmainham, Co. Meath,


Is listed in other guides as a possible location but confusion as to which is the correct Kilmainham.

Kilmainhamwood as it is now called is on the Meath-Louth border where there is a very old graveyard, which may be the one mentioned. The graveyard is closed now, so we may never get to see this sheela. However the only problem with those instructions is that it is not that close to the railway.


Kilmainham, Dublin is close to the railway but not of course near the Meath/Louth border.Just inside the gate of the northern cemetary, is a large standing stone with a celtic interlace on it’s rear which some interpret as a sheela. The light has to be just right for you to see this.
Security will let you in , if you ask nicely.

Last modified 2 May 2018
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Lat/Long 53.8511887,-6.8106394



For Kilmainhamwood
Map No. 35…GR No. N 785/896

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6k S of Kingscourt and 5k NW of Nobber