Kiltinane Church

Kiltinan Church, Co. Tipperary.

Stolen in 1990—not recovered but a replica that was made is now in dispute (It’s a long story) a small book was written and may be available locally. In 1840 this was the first one recorded as a sheela-na-gig by John O’Donovan. This is also the only one with a triple nipple.

Called to this site to find it is now part of a private Lloyd-Webber estate but you can access the church by using the turnstile. The south facing corner where the sheela once was is now covered in ivy. Whether this is deliberate or not?.

Reading Jim O’Connors book on the sheelas, reports that barren women used to scrape the stone for it’s healing dust.


Last modified 1 November 2015
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Lat/Long 52.4392509,-7.6610861



O.S. Map No. 67

G.R. No. S 231/319

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3.5k SE of Fethard