Lusk Church, Co. Dublin


The church is now closed but the key is available locally. A stone missing from here was known locally as “The Idol” and was buried by the reverend because he did not like the suggestive nature of the piece.

Figure supposedly buried in 1844 by order of a Rev Mr. Tyrell, but does not
match the following report. In fact Peter Tyrell died Dec. 4th, 1843 in prison
as one of the Repeal Martyrs.
This figure was recorded in 1783 by Mr Austin Cooper, FSA who noted it as a Danish Idol and known locally as a Shela-na-gig. Before the time of Coopers visit a vicar had already buried it, but he supplies us with this description; “I represented the human features, the face being about 7 inches broad and the head without neck or body, attached to a pair of kneeling thighs and legs”.

Question; were there two burials and or two sheelas?


Last modified 1 November 2015
Condition Missing
Lat/Long 53.5260544,-6.1669240



O.S. Map No. 43

Grid Reference No. O 216/545

Holiday Map East

5k W of Rush and 6k S of Balbriggan