Merlin Park

Merlin Park Hospital, Co. Galway.


This Sheela is sitting upside down on a decorated window on the second floor, above an opening in the South wall of Doughiska Castle, Merlin Park.

On the old Dublin to Limerick road close to Galway City and inside the grounds of Mater Park Hospital.
Finally got an opportunity to visit this castle and was surprised by how intact it still is and is being restored at the moment. All around it a new housing estate is springing up, so my directions may be out of date very soon.
On the South wall and on the lowest window, you will notice the decorated header with a flower motif and a church window but underneath this is our sheela and at 60mm is one of the smallest.

You will need binoculars as the detail on a camera lens is insufficient.

Last modified 5 February 2016
Condition Good
Lat/Long 53.2797852,-8.9982424



O.S. Map No. 46

Grid Reference No. M 35/25

Holiday Map West

Merlin Park Hospital is just outside Galway and close to Galway Crystal on the old Dublin road. As you enter the main entrance ignore the first two small roads on the left but stop at the third turn leading to Community Addiction Counselling Service. 20 meters further along the main road you will see a gap in the trees faced by some large rocks. Follow this path straight up the hill to meet a tarred road. Turn right towards a white railed bridge and then left up the gravel path.
This was the path I followed but I'm sure if you use Google map you will find an easier route.