Roughgrange, Co. Meath.

Duchas has this report on their list of Sheela na Gigs.

“On the graveyard wall is a primitive figure of a sheelanagig. Several researchers have visited this site but have been unable to locate the stone.”

This is a small graveyard enclosed by a wall but after searching along this, I could find nothing. There is a large hole in the wall closest to the barn which could have accommodated the Rosnaree stone but we’ll never know for sure.

A lovely site this with some millstones and millrace to be seen alongside a few ancient buildings, part of the Cistercian farms along this stretch.

Last modified 20 January 2016
Condition Missing
Lat/Long 53.6926079,-6.4566994



O.S. Map No. 43

Grid Reference No. O 020/725

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