Stepaside Well, Co. Dublin

A standing stone over a grave or, as some interpret over a well and as the ground is quite sodden, I could not see the latter as feasible. This area is known as Jamestown and was part of a pilgrimage route, especially on the feast day of St. Caoin/St. James (25 July). NOT a sheela but it’s pleasant setting makes a visit worthwhile.

Last modified 31 December 2014
Condition Fair
Lat/Long 53.2507477,-6.2006774



This site is in a public golf course 1k South of the village of Stepaside. No. 44 bus from Dublin to Enniskerry.

Walk into the car park and take the short cut ahead of you. As you come out into the open, note a small bridge ahead and to the left. Cross this and continue in a straight line for 30m, looking for a small avenue of trees with the upright stone a short way in.

Now that you’re completely lost, go back to that workshop behind you and ask for the sheela and wait for them to say WHA!! but they will help you.
If you have GPS use the numbers below