Aghagower Well, 

This fine little sheela must have been passed by thousands of people without noticing her. It was published in June 2001 by the Mayo Historical Society and refitted on one of the wells that gave this former monastic settlement it’s name. You may enjoy wandering around the site but if you still can’t find it cross over the road to the door into the Pub Lounge. Turn around and look directly across the road to a low wall where, eventually you will spot this 10cm x 10cm figure. Good lighting plays a very important part on how well you can see this sheela on the day.

A report by James Dempsey tells me that the sheela has been moved to a more secure spot inside the well or vat and is near a black sign, this should make it a little easier to find.

Last modified 10 January 2018
Condition Good
Lat/Long 53.7646179,-9.4651136



O.S. Map No. 31

Grid Reference No. M 035/805

Holiday Map West
About 8km south-east of Westport on rural roads. Signposts are few and poor so use your map to plan ahead.